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Experience in All Aspects of Florida Foreclosure Law

Advocates for homeowners and lenders in foreclosure cases in Southwest Florida

The law firm of Mahshie & DeCosta, P.A. represents numerous homeowners in foreclosure disputes throughout Southwest Florida, as well as institutional and private mortgage lenders. From pre-default loss mitigation efforts all the way through post-judgment deficiency and title defect litigation, the firm draws on its extensive experience to provide guidance through all stages of Florida residential and commercial foreclosure actions. Since we work with both homeowners and lenders, depending on the matter, we bring a depth of knowledge and understanding to a foreclosure case that few other firms can match.

Foreclosure defense services for Florida homeowners

A foreclosure begins when a homeowner unfortunately falls behind on their monthly mortgage payment. This has become more common, particularly in Florida, where bad lending practices lead to a significant number of “underwater mortgages.” If you or a family member has fallen behind in paying your mortgage, the lender might institute a foreclosure proceeding. However, you have legal rights and options besides simply giving up and turning your home over to the bank — the key is working with an experienced foreclosure law firm such as Mahshie & DeCosta.

Representing banks, lenders and other mortgage holders

In addition to our foreclosure defense practice, we have extensive experience in representing mortgage lenders and note-holders in enforcing their rights. If your institution is seeking to foreclose on a non-paying homeowner, we are prepared to move as quickly as possible to evaluate the outcome and provide both a legal opinion and an assessment of the likely outcome.

Regardless of what side of the table we’re on, we provide our clients perspective  and guidance aimed at resolving foreclosure disputes in a sensible and businesslike manner, including:

  • Foreclosure litigation on behalf of property owners and lenders
  • Negotiation of loss mitigation alternatives, including mortgage modifications, mortgage refinancing, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and forbearance agreements
  • Negotiations and litigation related to junior lien holder claims, including those of community associations, taxing authorities and subordinate lenders
  • Deficiency litigation and appeals
  • Post-judgment debt collection

We work diligently on behalf of every client to deliver results that make sense in today’s economic climate and deliver the individualized, comprehensive and thoughtful guidance they deserve and require to make an informed decision that will best suit their individual needs.

Diligent counsel for Southwest Florida foreclosure cases

For thousands of Florida homeowners, Mahshie & DeCosta, P.A. has been there to lend a hand when they’ve faced the loss of their home or property. And with experience representing lenders, mortgage companies and banks, our lawyers understand both sides of the foreclosure process and how to move the process along smoothly and legally. Contact our  foreclosure lawyers online or at 239.931.7566 today to obtain the unparalleled perspective, experience and guidance you deserve to resolve your foreclosure dispute in a sensible, reasonable manner.