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Full-Service Representation in Florida Construction Law

Representing general contractors, sub-contractors, developers and other construction-related companies

Mahshie & DeCosta, P.A. is committed to providing the Southwest Florida construction industry full-service counseling and representation on construction-related matters and disputes at industry competitive pricing. We strive to provide strategic planning and advice for our clients and tailor our services to each individual client’s needs, whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor or developer and regardless of the size or complexity of the project. Our services include counseling on matters involving construction liens, contract negotiation and dispute resolution. And should litigation be required, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to fervently represent your company’s interests inside and outside of the courtroom.

Legal services for the construction industry throughout the Sun Coast

In our construction law practice, our attorneys represent a variety of clients at all levels of the construction and development process: owners and developers, design professionals, general contractors, construction managers, specialty trade contractors, material suppliers and others. Clients can turn to us for every sort of building project, whether private or governmental, from small residential or retail renovations to massive projects, such as construction of airports, courthouses, stadiums, theme parks and urban high rises. We provide strategic legal counsel for construction transactions as well as dispute resolution, including:

  • Construction administrative and regulatory issues: Navigating the regulatory and administrative environment throughout Florida can be difficult. Our job is to help you avoid those hurdles in the first place and find solutions to problems that might arise during a project.
  • Construction liens: Florida construction lien statutes are complex and often difficult to navigate. Dealing with lien bond sureties can be equally daunting. Our attorneys will provide assistance and counsel in asserting valid and legally enforceable liens and/or bond claims, and defending unlawful ones.
  • Construction defect litigation: Our attorneys understand that construction defects may arise from a myriad of factors, including improper means and methods of construction, coordination, negligent design, insufficient project administration and owner/builder interference. Our goal is to assist you in warding off potential claims before litigation and vigorously litigating the issues as necessary.
  • Architects, engineers and design professionals: We bring substantial experience to representing architects, engineers and other design professionals in defense of professional liability claims. We provide guidance and representation on insurance coverage matters and counsel on professional liability matters as they arise.
  • Contract and tort litigation: We represent clients in contract disputes and tort claims, such as collection matters, intra-partnership disputes, business interference claims, trademark/copyright issues and personal injury matters. We believe litigation is the last resort, and we seek to achieve a business-friendly resolution to such disputes. However, should litigation be necessary, our trial-tested attorneys will provide aggressive and quality representation.
  • Contract review and development: Our attorneys can review your current contracts and provide comments and modifications to maximize efficiency and legal protections. If you do not currently have standard contracts, we work with you to establish proprietary contracts with built-in liability safeguards. Our lawyers will also review proposed contracts on a case-by-case basis to ensure they are appropriately protective of your rights and allow for efficient administration of your project.
  • Building codes and land use: Building in Florida requires developers, contractors and design professionals to navigate an often confusing and constantly changing regulatory regime. Our construction attorneys will provide assistance and counsel on building code compliance, and state and federal land use regulations.

Construction law in Florida is complicated, but our lawyers understand the intricacies of the construction industry. No matter what your issue is, our experienced construction law attorneys can help you.

Smart construction lawyers for Southwest Florida construction companies

Mahshie & DeCosta, P.A. is committed to providing full-service counseling and representation on construction-related matters and disputes at industry competitive pricing. We strive to provide strategic planning and advice and tailor our services to the needs of each client, ensuring they get the legal support and representation they deserve. Contact us online today or call us at 239.931.7566 to learn more.