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Southwest Florida Civil and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Representing businesses and individuals in Florida court and dispute resolution

With businesses of all sizes, there’s a possibility that a dispute could arise. It might come about from a construction contract, a disgruntled employee or over the collection of overdue bills. The same comes about for individuals that might find themselves embroiled in a personal injury action, a real estate dispute or a landlord/tenant case. The experienced attorneys at Mahshie & DeCosta, P.A. are prepared to zealously represent your side in and out of the courtroom or in alternate dispute resolution situations. With the knowledge and the understanding of Florida state and federal law, we’re ready to stand up for our clients’ rights and ensure your needs are met during a stressful time.

Aggressive counsel for difficult legal situations

At our firm, we believe that litigation should be the last resort in any attempt to resolve disputes. If litigation becomes necessary, our trial-tested attorneys will passionately and intelligently represent you and your business with a focus on achieving your objectives efficiently and at reasonable cost. We offer a full-range of dispute resolution solutions, including representing clients in:

  • Contract breaches and commercial disputes: When two parties enter into a contract, the goal is to set terms, goals and an expected outcome. When that doesn’t happen due to one side’s failure to perform, we’ll help you enforce your contracted-for rights. We also review agreements prior to execution to help ensure that you and your business are protected and secure.
  • Residential landlord/tenant litigation: We represent both landlords and tenants in residential lease disputes. If a landlord has refused to honor the terms of a lease or Florida law or a renter has refused to pay and must be evicted, we’ll work on your behalf to obtain the best outcome possible.
  • Commercial landlord/tenant litigation: Commercial leases have many of the same issues as residential leases. We represent commercial tenants and landlords in resolving disputes ranging from non-payment of rent to recovery of damaged property.
  • Corporate, LLC, and partnership disputes: Our lawyers have extensive experience litigating intra-corporate disputes, including partnership disputes, shareholder and member derivative actions, and breach of fiduciary duty.
  • Foreclosure litigation: We represent both homeowners and lenders in foreclosure matters. For our clients who own homes, we work to ensure that you can stay in your home. For our lender and banking clients, we seek the best solution to non-payment situations.
  • Personal injury litigation: We represent clients across a full range of personal injury matters including litigation arising from defective products, recreational accidents, motor vehicle defects, construction defects, business torts, property damage, automobile and boating accidents, slip and fall cases, and industrial accidents.

If litigation becomes necessary, turn to our law firm. Our civil litigation lawyers have extensive knowledge of the Florida legal process and are here to help you.

Thoughtful, but zealous advocates for complex civil litigation

Everyone’s goal is to avoid litigation and find a solution that doesn’t involve fighting in a courtroom. But that’s not always possible. If you’re facing business or personal litigation, contact Mahshie & DeCosta, P.A. online today or call us at 239.931.7566 to learn more. Our lawyers are ready to help you achieve your objectives efficiently and at a reasonable cost.